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Whether the study of race and ethnicity, global dynamics, or sexual and gender diversity, our ability to manage and facilitate community building is crucially important to our collective survival. Lighthouse Strategy Consulting, LLC (LSC) is designed to work with organizations to achieve harmony and balance in these, and other spaces. We know that our task is to create meaningful and relevant experiences, not for the generation in which we find ourselves; rather, for future generations that will have the luxury of examining what we said—and did—in the face of conflict, peace, and ambiguity.

President and Chief People Strategist, Paul James, created this space nearly three years ago while working in higher education, health care institutions, K-12 systems, faith-based organizations, and corporate environments — simultaneously. Lighthouse Strategy Consulting, LLC is prepared to meet you or your company where you are, using the best available evidence-based research in the process. We are prepared to use assessment, analytics, and metrics in a manner that brings clarity to vision and organizational mission.

The Blueprint

Our brand is one of relevance that resonates particularly powerfully for partners that are committed to a deliberate drive to understand the human spirit. We are not pre-programmed, and our quality is not measured next to a competitor. Our services are a collection of possibilities tied to clear-cut deliverables. Partnering with Lighthouse Strategy Consulting, LLC is a seamless endeavor: it involves a total customization to fit your needs and timeline. We value and understand that workforce culture(s) and climates have evolved differently. This fact leads to a tailored process rooted in integrity, authenticity, and patience. Whether full strategy development, dialogue skill building – or creating meaningful assessment tools, we are here to guide you to a process of excellence and community engagement. We also welcome engaging in – and – improving conflict management while honoring systems that simply want to do better in the space of human difference. Human beings are incredibly complex – and Lighthouse Strategy Consulting has at its core evidence-based research to meet the needs of a global marketplace and workforce.

About our President and Chief People Strategist

Paul James has spent 25 years in higher education and health care serving in various executive roles. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ethnic Studies from Wichita State University; a Master’s degree in Higher Education and Counseling from Oregon State University; and Mr. James holds a community commitment Rite-of-Passage certificate from the Iqraa African American Books and Gifts. He has worked in public, private and in health care settings—in student affairs, academic affairs, and president’s offices with titles such as Director, Assistant Vice President, and Chief Diversity Officer. He is widely considered to be a global expert in three fundamental areas: Human Resources and Development, Diversity Management and Intercultural Awareness, and Executive Coaching. Mr. James has consulted widely and believes in an intimate approach that fosters trust, speaking truth to power, encourages empathy and compassion, and promotes active listening. Whether educational, health care, or corporate settings, Paul James is a highly sought-after consultant and trusted advisor, nationwide.

Paul James

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